RealiA home on Android for the real estate app


Visual design


In January 2017 I joined the team within NewDealDesign working on Reali, a Palo Alto based real estate startup. Their iOS app, designed earlier in the year, was gaining traction. Enough to invest in building out the Android app. I was assigned as the sole designer on the project: adapting the team’s iOS designs to function and feel at home on Android.
Reali Android app


Converting iOS to Android

The existing iOS design already borrowed heavily from Google’s Material Design, with cards, headers and elevation, typography, etc., so the project was relatively straightforward. The work ended up being in the details: little updates to spacing, different patterns in navigation and form design. All the designs were tested at multiple screen sizes, to account for the diversity in Android devices.
Ideaflow web app
Ideaflow web app
Ideaflow web app