About me

I work across the design end of the product development process. Mostly Research, UX, UI, prototyping, user testing and brand, though I sometimes dip my toes in front-end (HTML/CSS, Javascript, and React).

The past 18 months, I've been helping define and design a swim coaching app with Swim Smooth. Talking with users to understand what we should build, prototyping new features, and seeing them through to production on our web and iOS platforms.

Before going independent, I cofounded Sow – a startup building an easier way to buy groceries from your local farmer. Before that, I led field studies and experiments in education with Applied Cognitive Science in Laos, Zambia, Ethiopia and Nepal. Before that, I was part of the experience design team at NewDealDesign, in San Francisco. I graduated in Graphic Design from Falmouth, UK.

Talk to me about design, tech, travel, behavioral sciences, surfing, whitewater kayaking, hitchiking, or anything else that takes your fancy. I like friendly emails from strangers!

About this site

Recently rebuilt as an excuse to learn more React and give NextJS a spin. It's a static site built in TypeScript with React and Next.js. Initialized with this boilerplate project. Styled with TailwindCSS. Analytics from Plausible.io.