Hey, I'm Sam, a London-based designer. Working with startups to build humane, user-friendly digital products.

I work across the design end of the product development process. Mostly Research, UX, UI, prototyping, user testing and brand, though I sometimes dip my toes in front-end (HTML/CSS, Javascript, and React).

Before going independent, I cofounded Sow – a startup, building an easier way to buy groceries from your local farmer. Before that, I led field studies and experiments in education with Applied Cognitive Science in Laos, Zambia, Ethiopia and Nepal. Before that, I was part of the experience design team at NewDealDesign, in San Francisco. I graduated in Graphic Design from Falmouth, UK.

Talk to me about design, tech, travel, behavioral sciences, surfing, whitewater kayaking, hitchiking, or anything else that takes your fancy. I like friendly emails from strangers!

About this site

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