While walking across India

From Alastair Humphreys’ blog

When I was away from towns I slept out in the open. I strung my mosquito net between two trees and lit a tiny fire of twigs to cook my rice. I pull off my sweat-wet shirt and sit with my back to the tree. My legs and feet are sore. My head thumps with dehydration. I listen to the sounds of the night and smile. Nobody in the world knows where I am. I could walk to anywhere on Earth from here, if only I choose to make the time. The road is free and open and waiting. This adventure is so simple (pick a river; follow it), so cheap (£500, including the flight), so pure (no sponsors; no convoluted world-first claims). Adventure is out there, anywhere, everywhere. You just have to go and find it. All your life you were only waiting for this moment to arise.