Into the cold sea

Cornish Swimmers

Each morning, as sunlight creeps over the horizon and cold sea mist recedes, a devoted few make pilgrimage, to Gyllyngvase beach and there into the ocean, into the cold. Committed to meeting each day in the best of ways, they immerse themselves in complete experience, embracing the chill whilst soaking up the first of the day’s light.

The hardiest few seldom miss a day, undeterred by the darkest of winter mornings. They immerse themselves in the cold water - swimming, smiling and taking in the moment for as long as they can muster - until the cold overwhelmes. Then, refreshed and invigorated, each go their separate ways until the same time tomorrow.

Tasked with photographing our interpretation of ‘Real Cornwall’, Luke and I settled on these folk as the perfect expression of what it means to be Cornish… Living life as priority above all other pressures and squeezing the most from the beautiful setting they call home.

with Luke Evans