Getting started with SwiftUI

Just last week I started learning SwiftUI, and already I feel (just about) able to pull together a basic app, with remotely stored data, navigational hierarchy, and beautiful animations. Credit goes to SwiftUI for being such an intuitive language to get up and running with.

Thanks to its declarative nature, SwiftUI feels closer to using HTML & CSS, than a full-blown programming language, yet it's powerful enough to build whole apps.

Learning SwiftUI

I'll update this section as I go, but here's how I got started:

  • Paul Stamatiou has a great post with lots of resources. This was a helpful primer to see what was out there
  • Design+Code I started here. Meng's style is to go fast without much explanation. Don't rely on this for an understanding of SwiftUI's more complex concepts, but it is a great intro to building UI's. He got me quickly into building good-looking functional apps. Even if I didn't fully understand what was going on!
  • Apple's WWDC videos are good for explaining more of the core underlying concepts. SwiftUI essentials is a good place to start. Once you get into working with state and bindings, Data Flow Through SwiftUI will help that all make sense.
  • Apple's own SwiftUI tutorial was a bit advanced for me. I did most of it, but most of it went over my head.