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Sep 2019 – Present

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The past 18 months, I've been helping define and design a swim coaching app with Swim Smooth. Talking with users to understand what we should build, prototyping new features, and seeing them through to production on our web and iOS platforms

We've built both a web and iOS app from the ground up, complete with a bunch of features to help swimmers improve. Here's a high-level overview of a few key features.

For more, check it out in the App Store, or visit Swim Smooth on the web.

Activity Tracking

At its heart, the app lets you track swims with your Apple Watch, and gives you reports back that help you understand and improve your swimming. We designed the activity tracking to be approachable enough for newbie swimmers, while retaining the details demanded by experienced swimmers.

Swim tracking on iOS and Apple Watch

Stroke Insights

Swim Smooth's flagship feature. Using Apple Watch's built in motion tracking and a complex set of algorithms, the app interprets your swim stroke and gives you tips on how to improve.

Stroke Insights

Training Plans

Training plans that adapt to the swimmers' progress, and provide a weekly schedule of sessions to improve fitness and technique, and help them reach their goal.

Swim training plans

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This is a very quickly hobbled together portfolio page. Until I get around to improving it, have a zoom around this figma doc to get a sense of the process behind these features…